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01ちゃいけないcha ikenai / ja ikenainão deve fazer (japonês falado)
02だ・ですda / desuSer; sou; é; são; eram; foi
03だけdakeSó; Apenas; Tanto quanto
04だろうdarouEu penso; parece; provavelmente; certo?
05deNo; Sobre; Por; Com
06でもdemobut; however
07でしょうdeshouI think; it seems; probably; right?
08どんなdonnawhat kind of; what sort of
09どうしてdoushitewhy; for what reason; how
10どうやってdouyattehow; in what way; by what means
11gasubject marker; however; but
12がありますga arimasuthere is; is (non-living things)
13がほしいga hoshiito want something
14がいますga imasuthere is; to be; is (living things)
15ほうがいいhou ga iihad better; it'd be better to; should~
17一番ichibanthe most; the best
18一緒にissho nitogether
19いつもitsumoalways; usually; habitually
20じゃないjanai / dewa naito not be (am not; is not; are not)
21kaquestion particle
23からkarabecause; since; from
24kataway of doing something; how to do
25けどkedobut; however; although
26けれどもkeredo mobut; however; although
27まだmadastill; not yet
28まだ~ていませんmada ~te imasenhave not yet
29までmadeuntil ~; as far as ~; to (an extent)
30前にmae nibefore ~; in front of ~
31ませんかmasen kawould you; do you want to; shall we~
32ましょうmashoulet's ~; shall we ~
33ましょうかmashoukashall I ~; used to offer help
34motoo; also; as well
35もうmoualready; anymore; again; other
37なあnaaconfirmation; admiration, etc
38ないでnaidewithout doing~
39ないでくださいnaide kudasaiplease don't do
40ないといけないnaito ikenaimust do; have an obligation to do
41なくてもいいnaku temo iidon't have to
42なくちゃnakuchamust do; need to; gotta do
43なくてはいけないnakute wa ikenaimust do; need to do
44なくてはならないnakute wa naranaimust do; need to do
45なるnaruto become
46んですndesuto explain something; emphasis
47neisn't it? right? eh?
48nidestination particle; in; at; on; to
49にいくni ikugo to do
50にするni suruto decide on
51に/へni/eto (indicates direction / destination)
52nopossessive particle
53のですno desuto explain something; emphasis
54のが下手no ga hetato be bad at doing something
55のが上手no ga jouzuto be good at
56のが好きno ga sukito like doing something
57の中で[A]が一番no naka de [A] ga ichibanout of this group, [A] is best
58のでnodebecause of; given that; since
59お / ごo / gopolite marker; honorific prefix particle
60o / woobject marker particle
61をくださいo kudasaiplease give me~
62しかしshikashibut; however
63それからsore karaand then; after that; since then
64そしてsoshiteand then; thus; and now~
65すぎるsugirutoo much
66たことがあるta koto ga aruto have done something before
67たいtaiwant to do something
68たり~たりtari~tarido such things as A and B
69てあるte aruis/has been done (resulting state)
70ているte iruongoing action or current state
71てからte karaafter doing~
72てくださいte kudasaiplease do
73てはいけないte wa ikenaimust not; may not; cannot
74てもいいですtemo ii desuis OK to..; is alright to..; may I..?
75toand; with; as; connecting particle
76ときtokiwhen; at this time
77とてもtotemovery; awfully; exceedingly
78つもりtsumoriplan to ~; intend to ~
79wa - topic markertopic marker
80は〜より・・・ですwa ~yori... desu[A] is more ~ than [B]
81はどうですかwa dou desu kahow about; how is
82yaand; or; connecting particle
83yoyou know; emphasis (ending particle)
84より~ほうがyori ~hou ga[A] is more than [B]
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