1あげくagekuto end up; in the end; finally; after all
2あるいはaruiwaor; either; maybe; perhaps; possibly
3ばかりbakariabout, approximately
4ばかりだbakari dacontinue to (go in negative direction)
5ばかりかbakari kanot only.. but also; as well as
6ばかりにbakari nisimply because; on account of
7ちなみにchinaminiby the way; incidentally
8ちっとも~ないchitto mo~nai(not) at all; (not) in the least
9だけあってdake attebeing the case; precisely because
10だけましだdake mashi dait’s better than; should feel grateful for
11だけにdake nibeing the case; precisely because
12だけのことはあるdake no koto wa aruas expected of; not for nothing
13だけはdake wato do all that one can
14だってdattebecause; but; after all; even; too
15でしかないde shika naimerely; nothing but; no more than
16どころではないdokoro dewa nainot the time for; far from
17どころかdokoro kafar from; anything but; let alone
18どうやらdou yaraapparently; seems like; somehow
19どうせdouseanyhow; in any case; at any rate
20得ないenaiunable to; cannot; it is not possible to~
21得るeru / urucan; to be able to; is possible to~
22再びfutatabiagain; once more
23ふうにfuu nithis way; that way; in such a way; how
24がきっかけでga kikkake deas a result of; taking advantage of
25gelooks like; seems like; appears to
26逆にgyaku niconversely; on the contrary
27反面hanmenwhile, although; on the other hand
28果たしてhatashiteas was expected; sure enough; really
29一応ichioumore or less; pretty much; roughly
30以外igaiwith the exception of; excepting
31以上にijou nimore than; not less than; beyond
32以上はijou wabecause; since; seeing that
33いきなりikinariabruptly; suddenly; all of a sudden
34一気にikki niin one go; without stopping; all at once
35一方でippou deon one hand, on the other hand
36いわゆるiwayuruwhat is called; as it is called; so-called
37いよいよiyoiyoat last; finally; beyond doubt
38joufor the sake of; from the standpoint of
39かのようにka no you nias if; just like
40かと思ったらka to omottarajust when; no sooner than
41か~ないかのうちにka~nai ka no uchi nijust as; right after; as soon as
42かえってkaetteon the contrary; rather; all the more
43限りkagirias long as; while… is the case; as far as
44甲斐があるkai ga aruit’s worth one’s efforts to do something
45かねないkanenai(someone) might do something
46かねるkaneruunable to do something; can’t do~
47から言うとkara iu toin terms of; from the point of view of
48からこそkara kosoprecisely because
49から見るとkara miru tofrom the point of view of; judging from
50からにはkara niwanow that; since; so long as; because
51からしてkara shitejudging from; based on; since; from
52からするとkara suru tojudging from; considering
53からと言ってkara to ittejust because; even if; even though~
54っこないkkonaino chance of; definitely not possible
55ことだkoto dashould do~ (suggestions or advice)
56ことだからkoto dakarabecause; since~
57ことかkoto kahow…!; what…!
58ことなくkoto nakuwithout doing something even once
59ことにkoto niemphasize speaker's feelings
60ことにはならないkoto niwa naranaijust because… doesn’t mean~
61くせしてkuse shitealthough~; despite the fact that~
62まだしもmadashimorather; better
63まいmaiwill not; intend not to
64ままにmama nias, to do as~
65全く~ないmattaku~nainot at all~
66もかまわずmo kamawazuwithout caring; without worrying
67も当然だmo touzen dait’s only natural; no wonder
68もの / もんmono / monbecause; reason/ excuse/dissatisfaction
69ものだmono dadescribe feeling; express memories
70ものだからmono dakaraso; therefore; the reason for something
71ものではないmono dewa naishouldn’t do something; it’s impossible
72ものがあるmono ga aruthere is such a thing; to be the case
73ものか / もんかmono ka / mon kaas if; there's no way~
74ものならmono naraif [A] is possible, then [B]
75もののmononobut; although; even though~
76もっともmotto mobut then; although; though~
77もう少しでmou sukoshi dealmost; nearly, close to~
78ないではいられないnai dewa irarenaican’t help but feel; can’t help but do
79ないことには~ないnai koto niwa~naiunless you~
80中を /中ではnaka o /naka dewain; on; in the midst of; when; while~
81なくはないnaku wa naiit’s not that; I may (double negative)
82なくて済むnakute sumuget by without doing~
83何も~ないnani mo~nainothing; (not) ~ at all
84なおnaostill; yet; furthermore; in addition~
85ねばならないneba naranaihave to do; must; should~
86にあたってni atatteat the time; on the occasion of~
87にほかならないni hoka naranainothing but; none other than~
88に限らずni kagirazunot just; not only.. but also~
89に限るni kagiruis best; nothing is better than~
90に限ってni kagitteonly; in particular~
91に関わらずni kakawarazuin spite of; regardless of~
92に関わるni kakawaruto relate to; to have to do with
93に決まっているni kimatte irucertainly; I’m sure/certain that
94に越したことはないni koshita koto wa naiit’s best that, nothing better than
95に応えてni kotaetein response to
96に加えてni kuwaetein addition
97に基づいてni motozuitebased on; on the basis of
98に向かってni mukatteto face; to go towards; to head to
99に応じてni oujitedepending on; in accordance with
100に際してni saishiteon the occasion of; at the time of
101に先立ちni sakidachibefore; prior to
102にせよ/ にしろni seyo/ ni shiroeven if; regardless; whether... or
103にしろ~にしろni shiro~ni shirowhether… or~
104にしたらni shitarafrom one’s perspective
105にしてもni shitemoregardless of whether
106に沿ってni sottealong with; in accordance with
107に相違ないni soui naiwithout a doubt; certain; sure
108に過ぎないni suginaino more than; just; merely; only~
109に伴ってni tomonatteas; due to; with; along with; following
110につけni tsukeevery time; whenever; as; whether
111につきni tsukidue to; because of; per; each
112にわたってni watattethroughout; over a period of
113にも関わらずnimo kakawarazudespite; in spite of; nevertheless
114にてnitein, at, with, by (formal particle)
115のももっともだno mo motto mo dano wonder; …is only natural
116の下でno moto deunder; with~
117の上ではno ue de waaccording to; from the viewpoint of~
118のみならずnominarazunot only; besides; as well as~
119nunegative verb conjugation (traditional)
120抜きにしてnuki ni shitewithout; leaving out; cutting out~
121抜くnukufrom beginning to end; completely
122を契機にo keiki nias a good opportunity/chance to
123をめぐってo megutteconcerning; in regard to~
124をもとにo moto nibased on; derived from; building on
125を除いてo nozoiteexcept; with the exception of
126を問わずo towazuregardless of; irrespective of; no matter
127お~願うo~negauplease do; could you please~
128おまけにomake nito make matters worse; what's more
129恐らくosorakuperhaps; likely; probably; I dare say~
130恐れがあるosore ga aruit is feared that; to be in danger of
131及びoyobiand; as well as~
132ろくに~ないroku ni~nainot well; not enough; improperly
133幸いなことにsaiwai na koto nifortunately; luckily; thankfully~
134せいかsei kaperhaps because~
135せっかくsekkakuespecially; (thank you for) troubling to
136せめてsemeteat least; at most~
137次第shidaias soon as, dependent upon
138次第でshidai dedepending on; so~
139次第にshidai nigradually; in sequence; in order
140しかもshikamomoreover; furthermore; what’s more~
141その上sono uebesides; in addition; furthermore~
142それなのにsore na noniand yet; despite this; but even so~
143それならsore naraif that’s the case; if so~
144それにしてもsore ni shitemonevertheless; at any rate; even so
145そう言えばsou iebacome to think of it~
146そうするとsou suru tohaving done that; if that is done
147末にsue nifinally; after; following; at the end
148少しも~ないsukoshi mo~nainot one bit; not even a little~
149少なくともsukunaku tomoat least~
150直ちにtadachi niat once; immediately; directly
151たまえtamaedo~; order somebody to do something
152てばかりはいられないte bakari wa irarenaican’t keep doing~
153てでもte demoeven if I have to; by all means~
154て以来te iraisince; henceforth~
155ていてはte ite waif one keeps doing~
156てこそte kosonow that; since (something happened)
157てまでte madeeven; will go far so as to~
158てならないte naranaican't help but; dying to; extremely~
159てたまらないte tamaranaican't help but; dying to; extremely~
160て当然だte touzen danatural; as a matter of course
161ては / ではtewa / dewawhenever; if; when~; repetitive action
162てはいられないtewa irarenaican’t afford to; unable to~
163てはならないtewa naranaimust not; cannot; should not~
164ては~てはtewa~tewarepetitive situations/actions
165と同時にto douji niat the same time as; while
166といったto ittalike; such as~
167というふうにto iu fuu niin such a way that~
168ということはto iu koto wathat is to say; in other words~
169というものだto iu mono dasomething like; something called~
170というものではないto iu mono dewa naithere is no guarantee that~
171と考えられるto kangaerareruone can think that; it is conceivable that
172とか(で)toka (de)I heard that~
173とっくにtokku nilong ago; already; a long time ago
174ところだったtokoro dattawas just about to do something
175ところにtokoro niat the time; just as I was~
176ところを見るとtokoro o miru tojudging from; seeing that~
177ともtomoeven if; no matter; though~
178としてもtoshitemoassuming; even if~
179つつtsutsuwhile; even though; despite~
180つつあるtsutsu aruto be doing; in the process of doing~
181上はue wanow that; since; as long as~
182はもとよりwa moto yorialso; let alone; from the beginning
183はともかくwa tomokakuanyhow; anyway; regardless
184わずかにwazuka nislightly; only; barely; narrowly~
185やがてyagatebefore long; soon; almost; eventually~
186やら~やらyara~yarasuch things as A and B; and so on~
187よほど / よっぽどyohodo / yoppodovery; greatly; much; to a large extent
188より [2]yorifrom~ (a time, place, or person)
189よりほかないyori hoka naito have no choice but~
190ようではyou dewaif~ (bad result)
191ようではないかyou dewa nai kalet’s do (something); why don’t we~
192ようか~まいかyou ka~mai kawhether or not; considering options
193要するにyou suru niin short; in a word; to sum up
194ざるを得ないzaru o enaicannot help (doing); have no choice but
195ずに済むzu ni sumuget by without doing~