1上げるageruto finish doing~
2あまりamariso much… that
3あまりにもamari ni motoo…; so much… that; excessively~
4合うaudo something together
5ばいいba iishould, can, it’d be good if
6ばよかったba yokattashould have, would have been better if~
7ば~ほどba~hodothe more… the more
8ば~のにba~noniwould have; should have; if only~
9ばかりでbakari deonly; just (negative description)
10ばかりでなくbakari denakunot only.. but also; as well as
11べきだbeki dashould do~; must do~
12べきではないbeki dewa naishould not do~; must not do~
13別に~ないbetsu ni~nainot really, not particularly
14ぶりにburi nifor the first time in (period of time)
15chuu / juucurrently; during; throughout
16だけdakeas much as~
17だけでなくdake de nakunot only… but also
18だけどdakedohowever; but
19だらけdarakefull of; covered with; a lot of~
20どんなに~てもdonna ni~temono matter how (much)
21どうしてもdoushitemono matter what; at any cost; after all
22ふりをするfuri o suruto pretend; to act as if~
23ふとfutosuddenly; accidentally; unexpectedly
24がちgachitend to; tendency to; frequently; often~
25がたいgataivery difficult to; impossible to
26気味gimi-like; -looking; -looked; tending to
27ごとにgoto nieach; every; at intervals of
28ほどhododegree; extent; bounds; upper limit
29ほど~ないhodo~naiis not as… as
30一度にichido niall at once
31いくら~てもikura~temono matter how~
32一方だippou damore and more; continue to
33一体ittaiemphasis; what on earth?
34じゃないjanaimaybe; most likely; confirmation
35か何かka nani kaor something
36かけるkakeruhalf-; not yet finished; in the middle of~
37から〜にかけてkara~ni kaketethrough; from [A] to [B]
38代わりにkawari niinstead of; in exchange for~
39結果kekkaas a result of; after
40結局kekkyokuafter all; eventually; in the end
41決して~ないkesshite~nainever; by no means
42切れないkirenaiunable to do; too much to finish
43きりkirionly; just; since; after
44切るkiruto do something completely to the end
45っけkkecasual suffix to confirm something
46込むkomuMove inside; do a long time
47こそkosofor sure; precisely; definitely
48ことkoto(must) do
49ことからkoto karafrom the fact that~
50ことになっているkoto ni natteiruto be expected to; it has been decided~
51ことはないkoto wa naithere is no need to; no possibility that~
52ことは~がkoto wa~gaalthough; but
53くらい・ぐらいkurai / guraiapproximately; about; to the extent
54くせにkuse nialthough~; despite the fact that~
55まるでmaru deas if; as though; just like
56まさかmasakathere's no way; that's impossible
57めったに~ないmetta ni~naihardly; rarely; seldom
58も~ば~もmo~ba~moand; also; as well; either/or; neither
59もしかしたらmoshika shitaraperhaps; maybe; perchance; by chance
60もしも〜たらmoshimo~taraif; in the case; supposing~
61向けmukeintended for; aimed at~
62向きmukisuitable for~
63むしろmushirorather; instead; better
64ながらもnagara mobut; although; despite
65ないことはないnai koto wa naican do~; is not impossible to~
66ないとnaitomust do; unless/if you don't~
67なかなかnakanakaquite~; pretty~; rather~; just not ~
68なんか / なんてnanka / nanteexamples; modesty; make light of~
69直すnaosuto do something again; to do over
70なるべくnaru bekuas much as possible
71なぜならnazenarabecause; the reason is
72んだってndatteI hear that; heard that~
73に違いないni chigai naiI’m sure/ certain; no doubt that
74に反してni hanshiteagainst; contrary to; in contrast to
75にかけてni kaketeover (a period); concerning; regarding~
76に関するni kan suruabout; regarding; related to
77にかわってni kawatteinstead of~; replacing~; on behalf of~
78に比べてni kurabetecompared to~; in comparison to~
79に慣れるni nareruto be used to something
80においてni oitein; at (place); regarding~; as for~
81にしたがってni shitagatteas; therefore; in accordance with
82にしてもni shite moeven if; even though; regardless of
83にしてはni shite wafor; considering it’s
84に対してni taishitetowards; against; regarding~
85にとってni totteto; for; concerning; regarding~
86についてni tsuiteconcerning; regarding; about; on
87につれてni tsureteas; in proportion to; with; as… then…
88にはni wafor the purpose of; in order to~
89によると /によればni yoru to/ni yorebaaccording to~
90によって / によるni yotte / ni yoruby means of; due to; because of~
91のでしょうかno deshou kaask a question in a polite way
92を中心にo chuushin nifocused on; centered on
93をはじめo hajimefor example; starting with
94を込めてo kometefilled with; full of
95を通じて /を通してo tsuujite /o tooshitethrough; via; throughout; by
96おかげでokage dethanks to ...; owing to ...; because of ...
97っぱなしppanashileaving (something) on / still in use
98っぽいppoiseems; somewhat; -ish; easily does~;
99さえsaeeven; so much as; not even
100さえ~ばsae~baif only; as long as
101際にsai niwhen; at the time of; in the case of
102最中にsaichuu niwhile; during; in the middle of
103さらにsara nifurthermore; again; more and more
104さてsateconjunction: well; now; then
105せいでsei debecause of; due to; as a result of~
106せいぜいseizeiat the most; at best; to the utmost
107しばらくshibarakufor a moment; for a while
108しかないshikanaihave no choice but~
109そのためにsono tame nihence; for that reason; because of~
110それともsoretomoor; or else
111そうもないsou mo naivery unlikely to~; showing no signs of~
112すでにsude nisomething has already been done
113すなわちsunawachiin other words; namely
114数量 + はsuuryou + waat least
115たものだta mono daused to do; would often do
116たとたんta totanas soon as; just as
117たびにtabi niwhenever; every time
118ためにtame nifor; in order to; for the benefit of
119確かにtashika nisurely, certainly
120たてtatejust done; freshly done; newly done
121たとえ~てもtatoe~temoeven if… is the case
122例えばtatoebafor example
123たってtatteeven if; even though; no matter how
124てばかりいるte bakari iruonly; nothing but~
125てごらんte goran(please) try to; (please) look
126てはじめてte hajimetenot until; only after [x] did I
127てからでないとte kara de nai tomust first do; cannot do without~
128てしょうがないte shou ga naican't help but~; very; extremely
129て済むte sumusufficient by; resolve by~
130てはいけないからte wa ikenai karain order to not~
131ている場合じゃないteiru baai janaithis is no time to be doing~
132tekichange noun into na-adjective
133ても始まらないtemo hajimaranaieven if you... it’s no use;
134てもかまわないtemo kamawanaiit doesn't matter if ~
135てもしょうがないtemo shou ga naithere's no point to~; it's no use to~
136と言えばto iebaspeaking of; when you talk of~
137といい / たらいいto ii / tara iiit would be nice if; should; I hope~
138といってもto ittemoalthough I say; although one might say~
139ということだto iu koto daI heard; it means~; in other words~
140というのはto iu nowathis means~; because~; that is to say
141と言うとto iu tospeaking of; when you say~
142というよりto iu yorirather than~
143とみえる / とみえてto mieru / to mieteit seems that~
144とすればto surebain the case of~; assuming~; if A then B
145と共にto tomo nitogether with; at the same time as
146途中でtochuu deon the way; in the middle of~
147ところでtokoro deby the way~
148ところがtokoro gaeven so; however; even though~
149とおりにtoori niin the same way as; in the way; as~
150通すtoosuto do until the end; to continually do
151としてtoshiteas~; in the role of~
152とても~ないtotemo~naicannot possibly be; hardly~
153とは限らないtowa kagiranainot necessarily so; is not always true
154ついtsuiaccidentally; unintentionally
155ついにtsui nifinally ~; at last ~; in the end
156ついでにtsuide niwhile, incidentally, at the same time
157つまりtsumariin other words; in summary; in short
158つもりだったtsumori dattaI thought I~; I believe I did~
159つもりでtsumori dewith the intention of doing~
160うちにuchi niwhile; before~
161上でue deupon; after; when; for; in order to
162上にue nias well; not only… but also
163は別としてwa betsu toshiteaside from; whether or not~
164はもちろんwa mochironnot to mention; not only; but also~
165は~で有名wa~de yuumeifamous for~
166わけだwake dafor that reason; no wonder
167わけではないwake dewa naiit doesn’t mean that~
168わけがないwake ga naithere is no way that~
169わけにはいかないwake niwa ikanaimust not; cannot afford to; must~
170割にwari niconsidering; relatively; unexpectedly
171わざとwazatoon purpose; intentionally~
172わざわざwazawazato go to the trouble of
173よりもyorimorather than~; more than~
174ようがないyou ga naithere is no way to; it’s impossible to~
175ような気がするyou na ki ga suruhave a feeling that; feels like; seems like
176ようにyou niin order to, so that~
177ように見えるyou ni mieruto look; to seem; to appear~
178ようとしないyou to shinainot try to; not make an effort to~
179ようとするyou to surutry to; attempt to; be about to~
180ずにzuniwithout doing~
181ずにはいられないzuni wa irarenaican’t help but feel; can’t help but do
182ずつzutsuapiece; each; at a time