1aidawhile; during; between
2間にaida niwhile/during~ something happened
3あまり~ないamari~nainot very, not much
4後でato deafter ~; later
5baconditional form; If [A] then [B]
6場合はbaai wain the event of; in the case that
7ばかりbakarionly; nothing but
8だけでdake dejust by; just by doing
9出すdasuto suddenly begin; to suddenly appear
10でございますde gozaimasuto be (honorific)
11でもdemo... or something
12ではないかdewa nai karight?; isn't it?
13が必要ga hitsuyouneed; necessary
14がするga suruto smell; hear; taste
15がりgaripersonality; tend to~; sensitivity towards~
16がる・がっているgaru; gatteiruto show signs of; to appear; to feel, to think
17ございますgozaimasuto be, to exist (the polite form of いる/ある)
18始めるhajimeruto start; to begin to ~
19はずだhazu dait must be; it should be (expectation)
20はずがないhazu ga naicannot be (impossible)
21必要があるhitsuyou ga aruneed to; it is necessary to
22意向形ikou keivolitional form; let's do ~
23いらっしゃるirassharuto be; to come; to go (polite version)
24いたしますitashimasuto do (polite form of する)
25じゃないかjanai karight? isn't it? let's~; confirmation
26かどうかka dou kawhether or not
27かしらka shiraI wonder
28かいkaiturns a sentence into a yes/no question
29かもしれないkamo shirenaimight; perhaps; indicates possibility
30かなkanaI wonder; should I?
31から作るkara tsukurumade from; made with
32きっとkittosurely; undoubtedly; almost certainly; likely
33koro / goroaround; about; when
34ことkotoVerb nominalizer
35ことがあるkoto ga aruthere are times when
36ことができるkoto ga dekirucan; able to
37ことになるkoto ni naruIt has been decided that..; it turns out that..
38ことにするkoto ni suruto decide on
39くするku suruto make something ~
40急にkyuu nisuddenly
41までにmade niby; by the time; indicates time limit
42ままmamaas it is; current state; without changing
43またはmatawaboth; or; otherwise; choice between [A] or [B]
44みたいだmitai dalike, similar to, resembling
45みたいなmitai nalike, similar to
46みたいにmitai nilike, similar to
47moas many as; as much as; up to; nearly
48nadon’t ~ (order somebody to not do something)
49などnadosuch as, things like
50ながらnagarawhile; during; as; simultaneously
51なかなか~ないnakanaka~nainot easy to; struggling to; not able to~
52なければいけないnakereba ikenaimust do something; have to do something
53なければならないnakereba naranaimust do something; have to do something
54ならnaraif; in the case that ~
55なさいnasaido this (soft/firm command)
56なさるnasaruto do (honorific)
57に気がつくni ki ga tsukuto notice; to realize
58にみえるni mieruto look; to seem; to appear
59にするni suruto make something ~
60にくいnikuidifficult to do
61の中でno naka dein, among
62のにnonialthough, in spite of, even though
63のにnonito (do something); in order to
64のは〜だnowa~da[A] is [B]; the reason for [A] is [B]
65お~くださいo~kudasaiplease do (honorific)
66お~になるo~ni naruto do (honorific)
67おきにoki nirepeated at intervals, every
68終わるowaruto finish; to end
69られるrarerupotential form; ability/inability to do ~
70らしいrashiiit seems like; I heard; apparently~
71sa-ness ; nominalizer for adjective
72さっきsakkisome time ago; just now
73させられるsaserarerucausative-passive; to be made to do something
74させるsaserucausative form; to make/let somebody do ~
75させてくださいsasete kudasaiplease let me do
76さすがsasugaas one would expect; as is to be expected; even
77shiand; and what’s more; emphasis
78そんなにsonna niso much; so; like that
79それでもsore demobut still; and yet; even so
80そうだsou da [1]I heard that; it is said that
81そうだsou da [2]looks like; appears like
82そうに・そうなsou ni / sou naseems like; looks like
83たばかりta bakarijust finished; something just occurred
84たところta tokorojust finished doing, was just doing
85他動詞 & 自動詞tadoushi & jidoushiTransitive & Intransitive Verbs
86たがるtagaruwants to do~ (third person)
87たらtaraif, after, when
88たらどうtara douwhy don't you
89たらいいですかtara ii desu kawhat should I do?; speaker seeking instruction
90て / でte / deconjunctive particle; so; because of [A], [B]...
91てあげるte ageruto do for; to do a favor
92てほしいte hoshiiI want you to; need you to~
93ていくte ikuto start; to continue; to go on
94ていたte itawas doing something (past continuous)
95ていただけませんかte itadakemasen kacould you please
96てくれるte kureruto do a favor; do something for someone
97てくるte kuruto do… and come back; to continue
98てみるte mirutry doing
99てもらうte morauto get somebody to do something
100ておくte okuto do something in advance
101てしまう / ちゃうte shimau / chauto do something by accident, to finish
102てすみませんte sumimasenI’m sorry for
103てやるte yaruto do for; to do a favor (casual)
104てよかったte yokattaI’m glad that..
105ているところteiru tokoroin the process of doing
106てもtemoeven; even if; even though
107towhenever [A] happens, [B] also happens
108と言ってもいいto ittemo iiyou could say; one might say; I'd say
109というto iucalled; named; that
110ということto iu kotoconvert phrase into noun
111と言われているto iwarete iruit is said that...
112と聞いたto kiitaI heard...
113と思うto omouto think…; I think…; you think…
114とか~とかtoka~tokaamong other things; such as; like
115ところtokorojust about to; on the verge of doing something
116続けるtsuzukerucontinue to; keen on
117ってttenamed; called
118受身形ukemi keipassive form; passive voice
119は〜が… はwa~ga... wa[A] but [B]; however; comparison
120やすいyasuieasy to; likely to; prone to; have a tendency to
121やっとyattoat last; finally; barely; narrowly
122よりyorithan; rather than; more than
123予定だyotei daplan to, intend to
124ようだyou daappears; seems; looks as if
125ように / ようなyou ni / you nalike; as; similar to
126ようになるyou ni naruto reach the point that; to turn into
127ようにするyou ni suruto try to; to make sure that
128ようと思うyou to omouthinking of doing; planning to
129ぜひzehiby all means; certainly; definitely
130全然~ないzenzen~nai(not) at all
131づらいzuraidifficult to do