Kanji N2 Lista

#KanjiOnyomiKunyomiKanji Meaning
1トウparty, faction, clique
2キョウco-, cooperation
3ソウgeneral, whole, all
4ward, district
5リョウjurisdiction, dominion
7セツもう(ける)establishment, provision
8ホ、ホウたも(つ)protect, guarantee, keep
9カイあらた(める)reformation, change, modify
10ダイNo., number
11ケツむす(ぶ)、ゆ(う)tie, bind, contract
12faction, group, party
13borough, urban prefecture, govt office
15ゆだ(ねる)committee, entrust to
16グンarmy, force, troops
17アンplan, suggestion, draft
18サクscheme, plan, policy
19ダン、トンgroup, association
20カクおのおのeach; every; either
22カクかわleather; skin; reform; become serious
23ソンむらvillage; town
24セイいきお(い)forces; energy; military strength
25ゲンへ(る)dwindle; decrease; reduce
26サイ、 サふたた(び)again, twice, second time
27ゼイtax; duty
28エイいとな(む)occupation; perform; build; conduct (business)
29くら(べる)compare; race; ratio
30ボウふせ(ぐ)ward off; defend; protect; resist
31おぎな(う)supplement; supply; offset; compensate
32キョウさかいboundary, border, region
33ドウみちび(く)guidance; leading; conduct; usher
34フクvice-; assistant; aide; duplicate; copy
35サンそろcalculate; divining; number; probability
36ユ、 シュtransport, send, be inferior
37ジュツの(べる)mention; state; speak
38センline; track
39ノウagriculture; farmers
40シュウstate; province
41ブ、 ムたけ(し)warrior; military; chivalry; arms
42ショウ、 ゾウかたど(る)elephant; pattern after; image; shape
43イキrange; region; limits; stage; level
44ガクひたいforehead; tablet; sum; amount; volume
46タンかつ(ぐ)、 にな(う)shouldering; carry; raise; bear
47ジュンじゅん(じる)、なぞら(える)semi-; correspond to; imitate
48ショウほ(める)prize; reward; praise
49ヘンあた(り)、 ほと(り)environs; boundary; border; vicinity
50ゾウつく(る)create; make; structure; physique
51こうむ(る)、 かぶ(る)incur; cover; shelter; wear; put on
52わざskill; art; craft; ability; vocation; arts
53テイひく(い)lower; short; humble
54フクまたrestore, return to, revert
55うつ(る)shift, move, change
56individual; counter for articles
57モンかど、 とgate
58chapter, lesson, section, department
59ノウbrain; memory
60キョク、 ゴクきわ(める)poles; settlement; conclusion; end
61ガンふく(む)contain; include
62ゾウくらstorehouse; hide; own; have; possess
63リョウはか(る)quantity; measure; weight; amount
64ケイかたtype; model
65キョウまし(て)condition; situation
66シンはりneedle; pin; staple; stinger
67センもっぱ(ら)specialty; exclusive; mainly; solely
68コクたに、 きわ(まる)valley
69history; chronicle
70カイstair; counter for building story
71カンくだpipe; tube; control; jurisdiction
72ヘイ、 ヒョウつわものsoldier; private; troops; army
73セツつ(ぐ)touch; contact; adjoin; piece together
74サイほそ(い)、 こま(かい)slender; narrow; detailed; precise
75コウき(く)merit; efficacy; efficiency; benefit
76ガンまる、まる(い)round; full (month); perfection
77ワンいりえgulf; bay; inlet
79セイ、 ショウかえり(みる)、 はぶ(く)focus; government ministry; conserve
80キュウふる(い)、 もとold times; old things; former; ex-
83シュウまわ(り)circumference; circuit; lap
84ザイlumber, log, timber, wood
85door; counter for houses
86オウcenter; middle
88ヘンあ(む)compilation; knit; braid; twist; editing
89ソウさが(す)search; look for; locate
91チョウこ(える)transcend; super-; ultra-
92ヘイな(み)、なみ、なら(べる)row, and, besides
93リョウheal; cure
94サイと(る)pick; take; fetch; take up
95シンもりforest, woods
96キョウ、 ケイきそ(う)、 せ(る)compete with; bid; contest; race
97カイjammed in; shellfish; mediate
98コンroot; radical
99ハンmarketing, sell, trade
100レキcurriculum; continuation; passage of time
101ショウまさ(に)、 はたleader; commander; general; admiral
102フクはばhanging scroll; width
103ハンcarrier; carry; all; general; sort; kind
104貿ボウtrade; exchange
105コウlecture; club; association
106リンはやしgrove; forest
107ソウ、 ショウよそお(う)attire; dress; pretend; disguise
108ショもろvarious; many; several; together
109ゲキdrama; play
111コウnavigate; sail; cruise; fly
113newborn babe; child
114キンprohibition; ban; forbid
115インしるしstamp; seal; mark; symbol; trademark
116ギャクさか(らう)inverted; reverse; opposite
117カンか(える)interchange; period; change; convert; replace
118キュウ、 クひさ(しい)long time; old story
119タンみじか(い)short; fault; defect; weak point
120あぶらoil; fat
121ボウ、 バクあば(く)outburst; force; violence
122リンwheel; ring; circle; link; loop; counter for wheels
123センし(める)、 うらな(う)fortune-telling; divining; forecasting
125セイきよ(い)pure; purify; cleanse
126バイdouble; twice; times; fold
127キンなら(す)level; average
128オクhundred million; 10**8
129アツお(す)pressure; push; overwhelm; oppress
130ゲイtechnique; art; craft; performance; acting
131ショsignature; govt office; police station
132シンの(びる)expand; stretch; extend
133テイと(める)halt; stopping
134バクは(ぜる)bomb; burst open
135リク、 ロクおかland; six
136ギョクたまjewel; ball
137なみwaves; billows
138タイお(びる)sash; belt; obi; zone; region
139エンの(びる)prolong; stretching
140は、 わ、 はねfeathers; counter for birds, rabbits
141かた(める)harden; set; clot; curdle
142ソクのっと(る)rule; follow; based on
143ランみだ(れる)riot; war; disorder; disturb
144あまね(く)universal; generally
145ソクはか(る)fathom; plan; scheme; measure
146ホウ、 ブゆた(か)、 とよbountiful; excellent; rich
147コウあつ(い)thick; heavy; rich
148レイよわい、 としage
149かこ(む)surround; enclosure; preserve; keep
150ソツそっ(する)graduate; soldier; private; die
151リャクほぼabbreviation; omission; outline; shorten
152ショウうけたまわ(る)hear; listen to; be informed; receive
153ジュンobey; order; turn; occasion
154ガンいわboulder; rock; cliff
155レンね(る)practice, gloss, train, drill, polish, refine
156ケイかる(い)lightly; trifling; unimportant
157リョウcomplete; finish
158チョウやくしょgovernment office
159ジョウ、 セイしろcastle
160カンわずら(う)afflicted; disease; suffer from; be ill
161ソウstratum; social class; layer; story; floor
162ハンprinting block; edition; impression; label
163レイorders; command; decree
164カクかど、 つのangle; corner; square
165ラクから(む)entwine; coil around; get caught in
166ソンそこ(なう)damage; loss; disadvantage; hurt; injure
167つの(る)recruit; campaign
168うらback; reverse; inside; rear
169ブツほとけBuddha; the dead
170セキexploits; achievements
171チクきず(く)fabricate; build; construct
172freight; goods; property
173コンま(じる)mix; blend; confuse
174ショウのぼ(る)rise up
175いけpond; pool; reservoir
180エイなが(い)eternity; long; lengthy
181チョ、 チャクあらわ(す)、いちじる(しい)renowned; publish; write
182document; records
183コ、 クくらwarehouse; storehouse
184カンpublish; carve; engrave
185ゾウstatue; picture; image; figure
186コウ、 キョウかお(り)incense; smell; perfume
187ハンさかslope; incline; hill
188テイそこbottom; sole; depth; bottom price
189ぬの、 し(く)linen; cloth; spread; distribute
190てらBuddhist temple
191eaves; roof; house; heaven
192キョgigantic; big; large; great
193シンふる(う)quake; shake; tremble; quiver
194まれ、 こいねが(う)hope; beg; request; pray
195ショクふ(れる)、 さわ(る)contact; touch; feel; hit; proclaim; announce
196イ、 エよ(る)reliant; depend on;
consequently; therefore
197セキenroll; register; membership
198よご(す)、きたな(い)、けが(す)dirty; pollute; disgrace; defile
199マイ、 バイsheet of...; counter for flat thin objects
200フクduplicate; double;
compound; multiple
201ユウmail; stagecoach stop
202チュウなかgo-between; relationship
203エイさか(える)flourish; prosperity; honor
204サツふだticket; paper money; banknote; note
205ハン、 バンいたplank; board; plate; stage
206コツほねskeleton; bone; remains; frame
207ケイかたむ(く)lean; incline; tilt; trend; bias
208カイとど(ける)deliver; reach; arrive; report
209カンま(く)、 まきscroll; volume; boo; roll up; coil; counter for texts
210ネンも(える)burn; blaze; glow
211セキあとtracks; mark; print; impression
212ホウつつ(む)、 くる(む)wrap; pack up; cover; conceal
213チュウstop-over; reside in; resident
214ジャクよわ(い)weak; frail
215ショウintroduce; inherit; help
216やと(う)employ; hire
217タイか(わる)exchange, spare, substitute
218あず(ける)deposit; custody; leave with; entrust to
219ショウや(く)bake; burning
220カンえら(ぶ)simplicity; brevity
221ショウbadge; chapter;
composition; poem
222ゾウはらわたentrails; viscera; bowels
223リツ、 リチrhythm; law; regulation; control
224ゾウおく(る)presents; send; give to; award to
225ショウて(る)illuminate; shine; compare
226ハクうす(い)dilute; thin; weak (tea)
227グンむ(れる)、 むら(がる)flock; group; crowd; herd
229オウおくheart; interior
230キツつ(める)packed; close; rebuke; blame
231ソウふたpair; set; comparison; counter for pairs
232さ(す)、 さし、 とげthorn, pierce, stab, prick, sting
233ジュンgenuine; purity; innocence
234ヨクthe following; next
235カイこころよ(い)cheerful; pleasant; agreeable; comfortable
236ヘンかたone-sided; piece
237ケイうやま(う)awe; respect; honor; revere
238ノウなや(む)trouble; worry; in pain; distress; illness
239センいずみspring; fountain
240かわskin; hide; leather
241ギョ、 リョウあさ(る)fishing; fishery
242コウあら(い)、あ(れる)rough; wild
243チョた(める)savings; store
244コウかた(い)stiff; hard
245マイう(める)bury; be filled up; embedded
246チュウはしらpillar; post; cylinder; support
247サイまつりritual; offer prayers; celebrate
248タイふくろsack; bag; pouch
249ヒツふでwriting brush; writing; painting brush
250クンよ(む)、くん(ずる)instruction, explanation, read
251ヨクあ(びる)bathe; be favored with; bask in
252ドウわらべjuvenile; child
253ホウたからtreasure; wealth; valuables
254フウ、 ホウseal; closing
255キョウむねbosom; breast; chest; heart; feelings
256サ、 シャすなsand
258ケンかしこ(い)intelligent; wise; wisdom; cleverness
259ワンうでarm; ability; talent
260チョウきざ(す)trillion; sign; omen; symptoms
261ショウとこ、 ゆかbed; counter for beds; floor; padding; tatami
262モウfur; hair; feather
263リョク、 ロクみどりgreen
264ソンとうと(い)revered; valuable; precious; noble
265シュクいわ(う)celebrate; congratulate
266ジュウ、 ニュウやわ(らかい)tender; weakness; gentleness; softness
267殿デンとの、 どのMr.; hall; mansion; palace; temple; lord
268ノウこ(い)concentrated; thick; dark; undiluted
269エキfluid; liquid; juice; sap; secretion
270イ、 エころも、 きぬgarment; clothes; dressing
272レイぜろzero; spill; overflow; nothing
273ヨウおさな(い)infancy; childhood
274baggage; load; cargo; freight
275ハクと(まる)overnight stay
276コウ、 オウyellow
277カンあま(い)sweet; coax; pamper; sugary
278シン、 ジンretainer; subject
279センあさ(い)shallow; superficial
280ソウは(く)sweep; brush
282クツほ(る)dig; delve; excavate
283シャす(てる)discard; throw away; abandon
285チン、 ジンしず(む)sink; be submerged; subside; be depressed
286トウこお(る)、 こご(える)frozen; refrigerate
287ニュウちち、ちmilk, breasts
288レンこい(しい)romance; in love; yearn for; miss
289コウ、 クべに、 くれないcrimson; deep red
290コウoutskirts, suburbs, rural area
291ヨウこしloins; hips; waist
292タンすみcharcoal; coal
293ヨウおど(る)jump; dance; leap; skip
294サツcounter for books; volume
295ユウいさ(む)courage; cheer up; bravery
296カイcontraption; machine; instrument
297サイvegetable; side dish; greens
298チンめずら(しい)rare; curious; strange
301キツの(む)consume, eat, drink, smoke
302カンほ(す)、 ひ(る)dry; parch
303チュウ、 キむしinsect; bug
304サツす(る)、 は(く)printing; print; brush
305トウhot water; bath; hot spring
306ヨウと(ける)melt; dissolve; thaw
307コウあらがねmineral; ore
308ルイなみだtears; sympathy
309ヒツひきcounter for small animals
310ソンまごgrandchild; descendants
311エイするど(い)pointed; sharpness; edge; weapon; sharp; violent
えだbough; branch; twig; limb; counter for branches
313ぬ(る)、 ぬ(り)paint; smear; coating
314ケンのきflats; counter for houses
315ドクpoison; germ; harm
316キョウさけ(ぶ)shout; exclaim; yell
317ハイおが(む)worship; adore; pray to
318ヒョウこおり、 ひice; hail; freeze
319カンかわ(く)drought; dry; drink up; heaven
320ボウrod; stick; cane; pole
321いの(る)pray; wish
322シュウひろ(う)pick up; gather; find
323フンこなflour; powder; dust
326カンあせsweat; perspire
328湿シツしめ(る)damp; wet; moist
329ビンかめ、 へいbottle; jar; jug; urn
330ショウさ(く)blossom; bloom
331ショウめ(す)call; send for; wear; buy, to eat, to drink
332カンかまtin can; container
333セキvessels; counter for ships; fish; one of a pair
334あぶらfat; grease; lard
335ジョウ、 セイむ(す)steam; heat; foment
336はだtexture; skin; body; grain
337コウたがや(す)till; plow; cultivate
338ドンにぶ(い)、 なまく(ら)dull; slow; foolish; blunt
339デイどろmud; adhere to; attached to
340グウすみcorner; nook
341トウひ、とも(す)lamp; a light;
counter for lights
342シンから(い)、 つら(い)spicy; hot
343みが(く)grind; polish; improve; brush (teeth)
344バクむぎbarley; wheat
345セイ、 ショウsurname
346トウつつcylinder; pipe; tube
347はなnose; snout
348リュウつぶgrains; drop;
counter for tiny particles
349part of speech; words
350stomach; crop
351ジョウ、 チョウたたみtatami mat; fold
352つくえdesk; table
353はだskin; body; texture
354タクすす(ぐ)laundry; wash; rinse
355トウpagoda; tower; steeple
356フツわ(く)seethe; boil; ferment
357カイはいashes; cremate
358candy; cakes; fruit
359ボウcap; headgear
360か(れる)wither; die; dry up
361リョウすず(しい)refreshing; nice and cool
362シュウふねboat; ship
364token; sign; mark
365ゾウにく(む)hate; detest
366ベイさら、 ざらdish; a helping; plate
367コウがえんじ(る)agreement; consent
368ソウはしゃ(ぐ)parch; dry up
370ボウ、 ボッboy, priest
371キョウはさ(む)pinch; between
372ドンくも(る)cloudy weather
373テキしずく、 したた(る)drip; drop
374うかが(う)visit; ask; inquire; question