According to legend yuki onna ()[1] is a youkai (a demon of Japanese folklore) this aesthetically beautiful but dangerous character, and the personification of death when heavy snowstorms occur.

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Japanese legends tend to mention their ability to turn people into pure ice. Other times, the stories speak with their gentler and gentler side, and suggest that Yuki-Onna is more of a benevolent spirit than one portrays her as a reaper waiting for the next victim.

According to legend she appears in the form of a beautiful young woman, who when falling in love with men approach them and seduce them, marrying and constituting family, and even having children.

However, the love story always ends with her disappearance on a day of greater mist or storm, probably when the call of her world becomes stronger.

She is not a very popular mythological creature, however Yuki-Onna is known to most people living at the highest altitudes, in mountains and forests or in colder parts of Japan.


Another narrative is that Yuki-Onna takes advantage of travelers lost in heavy snowstorms. This legend becomes better known today because of Yokai's animes that portray very well the characteristics of Yuki-Onna and its legend. Most Yuki-Onna are not so pleasant, however, spends their lives hunting humans in the snow.

They stay close to the mountain roads and attack travelers who arrive and go, in addition to breaking into some surrounding houses, instantly freezing all residents at night.


The story by Lafcadio Hearn :

In the story of writer Patrick Lafcadio Hearn, one of the great responsible for bringing much of the culture of Japanese folklore to the West, the legend of Yuki-Onna describes two lumberjacks — Mosaku, an older man, and Minokichi, the youngest. The men were returning home on a cold night when they were caught in a heavy snowstorm. They managed to find shelter in a cabin near a river. The two men fell asleep, but Minokichi was later awakened by a cold wind, which opened the hut door. He had the most shocking vision of his life when he saw a woman dressed in white under the circumstances.

Yuki-onna went towards Minokichi, but she felt sorry for him when she noticed her youth and beauty. She decided to spare his life on the condition that he never reveal what she saw that night to anyone. The young man agreed. Yuki-onna also warned him that if he told anyone about the event, she would know and kill him.

A year later, Minokichi married a beautiful young woman named O-yuki (Great Blizzard) and they had a marriage and children. One day, forgetting his promise to being supernatural, the young man tells his wife about the day he saw this Yuki-onna. To his surprise, O-yuki revealed himself the same to Yuki-onna and reminded him of his promise of secrecy. She decided to spare Minokichi's life once again by loving him very much and because her children needed the man's care, but she disappeared on the same night, leaving him forever.

A Yuki-Onna

Although Yuki-Onna's accounts in Japanese folklore are supposedly ancient, the earliest written records of the history of this being come from the Muromashi period, from 1333 to 1573. A monk named Sogi wrote about his unusual encounter with Yuki-Onna as he left home on a snowy morning.

Her description spoke of a beautiful and very tall young woman, standing in her frozen garden, with a white face as the purest snow. Strangely, as a young man, this beautiful woman's hair was also as white as snow. She wore a white kimono, almost translucent, that could not warm a normal human on a cold blizzard day like that. When Sogi tried to talk to her, the seductive woman disappeared. Sogi was told that this could be yuki-onna who usually appeared during heavy snowstorms, but rarely at the time they were, spring.

In the town of Niigata, an elderly man operated an inn on a mountain trail with his wife. On a snowy night, the inn was visited by a young woman traveling alone. She warmed up by the fire and ate along with the two of them. She was sweet, charming and charming. In the middle of the night, during a heavy blizzard, she got up and decided to leave. The host you saw begged her not to leave and took her hand to prevent her from getting off on this ice. His hand was cold as ice, and just touching it sucked all the heat from the man's body, causing him to tremble drastically. As he tried to keep her at home, her entire body evaporated, turning into a cold mist, climbing up the chimney and running out in the middle of the night.

Another tale tells about a man from yamagata city claimed to have been married to a Yuki-Onna. She was beautiful, with charming eyes and white skin like a marble statue. While he loved taking long hot baths every night, his wife always refused to bathe, which left him scumwith such action.

On a particularly cold and snowy night, he insisted that his wife take a bath, so that she would not die of cold. She protested, but there was no choice but to obey her husband's will, and then finally agreed. When he went to visit her a few minutes later, all he found in the bathtub were thin fragments of half-melted ice.

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